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Dealing with the difficulties of probate real estate is often more challenging when you don’t have a probate real estate agent or REALTOR® on your side. As an experienced probate REALTOR®, I can help you liquidate the home and assets so that you're not stuck with clearing out the house, making repairs, and selling the home while being mindful of probate rules. With my expertise, you’ll get the home on the market and get it sold so you can settle probate quickly.

Selling your most valuable and cherished asset is a difficult decision to make, especially for those aged 55+. Loving memories and a lifetime of collecting family treasures are part of that home. How do you choose the best housing options as you age and your needs change? How do you deal with the loss of a loved one, a large move and the sale of everything in a home?

That’s where I can help. As a REALTOR® with 10 years of guiding clients through buying and selling their homes, I’ve gained keen insight into the unique issues, decisions and housing challenges that are faced by those aged 55+. As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®), I have the extensive education needed to help with later-in-life real estate choices.

With the help of my team, I work with local partners to get your home ready for sale, taking care of the deadlines and stressful details. I’ll make sure that you're ready for your next stages in life.

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John Davies

Probate Real Estate Specialist

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