Are you facing the challenges of settling an estate in probate?

Coping with the loss of a loved one is always difficult. If you're also tasked with serving as a personal representative or executor/executrix of their estate, it's even more challenging and emotionally draining. Often, you face adversity of making many decisions in areas where you have no previous experience.

These decisions also bring the added pressure of being very closely scrutinized and (all too frequently) second-guessed by family and/or friends. Couple this with the legitimate concern that everything must be handled "legally and properly" and all the horror stories you may have heard about probates that have gone badly, and the pressure and stress really begins to mount.

Whether you're a newly appointed personal representative, executor/executrix or an attorney that has been retained by the estate or appointed by the court, it's an absolute certainty that there will be difficult moments ahead. This is a big undertaking and when real estate is involved, the stress level is compounded.

I'm here to guide you through the real estate probate settlement.

As an experienced REALTOR®, I will make sure that you are always well informed about probate decisions as they pertain to real estate transactions. I'll help you with some of the difficult conversations you may need to have with family members and other heirs. If you haven't yet secured the services of a competent probate attorney, I can help you choose one whose good work we are comfortable recommending.

My team and I will help you at every step along the way and do everything possible to simplify the process for you. Of course, it won't be completely stress-free because you'll still have to make some hard choices but having us by your side as a real estate advisor will make the task significantly less difficult.


We work especially well in these situations. Typically the attorney of record has one of two roles. They are either appointed to the task by the court or selected by the family or executor / personal advisor. If you've been court-appointed, then your role is usually focused strictly on the legal issues regarding any transactions and dispersal of assets. However, if you are retained by the family or the executor / personal representative, your role usually extends to include a more advisory capacity as well. In either case, we will at all times keep you well-informed about any aspect of the process in which we are involved - especially when it comes to fielding offers on the real estate.

In some cases, the family or executor / personal advisor will want ALL aspects of the probate to be handled completely by the attorney. In these cases, we'll work with you as "the client" regarding the real estate, just as we would with the executor / personal advisor.

We have focused our efforts on working in this unique area of Real Estate because we feel it allows us to not only perform a much-needed service to people in times of great stress, but also because it is a place where we can differentiate our level of expertise from others who are not as focused in this niche. We've taken the time to and made the investment to properly prepare to assist you. If you'd like some general information, please review our list of Frequently Asked Probate Questions. We are ready to start working with you today and ease any unnecessary burdens quickly. We're ready to help you immediately!

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